It’s been a while since I was able to update this Blog, but things have changed here at Diamondthrills, so here’s the scoop.

Eagle-eyed observers will have noticed that our lovely diamond jewellery is no longer being showcased on this site.

Indeed, we’ve had some distressed customers (or would-be customers) get in touch over the last few weeks making inquiries as to the whereabouts of our diamond earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, tiara…Jamie Mordaunt, I Hennig & Co, Botswana

This is not some random glitch in the Internet, or scrambled 0s and 1s in The Matrix, but reflects a truth in the real world — a change in circumstances which is taking me (plus family) off to Africa later in the year.

Let me explain.

My background in the diamond business is with De Beers, most of that time serving its clients in their needs, both in terms of rough/uncut diamonds and latterly in the glitzy world of marketing diamonds — specifically Forevermark diamonds.

Three years after setting up Diamondthrills to focus on the UK consumer/bridal market, albeit in the slightly unusual form of jewellery rental, my past has caught up with me: I’m making a return to the world of rough diamonds, De Beers’ clients, and the international diamond market, and that change brings with it a move to Botswana — the world’s #1 diamond producer by value.

(You can read more about that here).

We’re excited about our move to Botswana, but at the same time there’s a tiny twinge of regret that we started something with Diamondthrills which we have left unfinished.

I’m convinced by the merits of ‘the sharing economy‘. There’s no doubt that there’s masses of unused capacity in so much that we have: our homes, our cars, our parking spaces, our tools, our skills, and yes, perhaps even our diamond jewellery.

What’s the point of owning something only to lock it away unseen and unused more than 90% of the time?

If someone else has the need and you have the means, then the Internet is the perfect match-making service, putting owners in touch with (temporary) users.

It’s true that diamonds and jewellery are highly emotional possessions, meaningful in a way which almost nothing else can match.

But they can have a utilitarian value too: they are beautiful adornments, fun to wear, and fine jewellery projects an image or a message – intended or otherwise – about the wearer.

Owning diamond jewellery is cool. But the experience of wearing it can be even cooler. If that wasn’t true then Hollywood starlets wouldn’t be queuing up to borrow bling for a fleeting appearance on the red carpet.

Anyway, we’ve had a lot of fun with Diamondthrills, and I like to think we’ve made some women very happy by adorning them with our diamonds.

We’ve also made some money, despite the stage-managed expectations of those fiery Dragons in the Den.

But it’s time to move on, and in our case that means moving to a new adventure in Africa, source of so many of the world’s diamonds.

Given the economic & political paralysis in Europe right now, a move to another part of the world makes sense, and I’ve a feeling that even as the BRIC economies falter, Africa’s time has come.

I’m looking forward to playing my part in Botswana’s impressive story; the work starts tomorrow when I fly south, towards Gaborone.

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