At Diamondthrills we’re getting used to receiving enquiries from brides about hiring diamond jewellery for their wedding.

But back in January we had a rather different request.

Matt contacted us from Devon to ask about renting our stunning Venus zigzag diamond necklace (below) for a special weekend that he was planning for his girlfriend, Sian.

Venus necklace

Matt was putting together the perfect weekend: hire car, fancy hotel with a 4-poster bed and jacuzzi, romantic dinner… It was Sian’s birthday, and with an impressive appreciation of style Matt had even picked out a dress for Sian to wear and wanted to adorn her in dazzling diamonds for a very special occasion.

For not only was it Sian’s birthday, but Matt had another motive for spoiling her rotten over the weekend: he was planning to propose to her!

He swore us to secrecy and made us promise that we wouldn’t ring his home number or expose his elaborate plan in any way.

Matt told us, “I just wanted to blow her mind and make the weekend absolutely unforgettable.

And so last weekend we shipped the diamond necklace to Matt’s address in Devon, and he and Sian headed off to an upmarket hotel in Dorset for the weekend.

Afterwards, we asked Matt and Sian how the weekend had gone.

Sian’s reaction was just the sort of thing that we love to hear at Diamondthrills:

Gobsmacked when presented with it. Wow. Cried. Felt blinged up, especially with the ring which was given shortly afterwards (which matched). Didn’t want to give it back. Happy to wear it the whole time. Other peoples reaction – jaw dropping. Felt ladylike especially with the dress on.”

And Matt added, “A friend at work says I had set a new precedent for proposing“.

Well, we certainly hope so.