We’re on the move at diamondthrills, from a makeshift desk in a shared office space to a self-contained office just a few minutes away.

Jamie MordauntIt’s been a bit of a struggle to find the right balance of size & location & cost & environment, but the hardest piece of the jigsaw has been security – not a huge surprise given the nature of our beautiful diamondthrills product: diamond jewellery.

Anyway, we’ve found a space not far from where we are currently based in Bermondsey, London SE1, and we hope to take possession on 24th August – less then 2 weeks from now.

It’s a small space, but big enough for our needs at this time and for the next 12 months, perhaps 18-24 months depending upon how the business develops.

The new diamondthrills office is not a showroom or a boutique – it is not our intention to bring customers in to show them jewellery or to have them try on jewellery wearing their wedding dress. The diamondthrills office is primarily for administration or our mainly web-based business.

Having said that, we’ll be responsive to our customers and in many cases we will be able to bring jewellery to you so that you can try it on in the comfort of your own homes or perhaps in your wedding dress shop so that you can see how our jewellery looks with your wedding outfit. This will be easier to achieve closer to home in and around London, but we will find ways to service customers anywhere in the UK.

Last week a surveyor came to see the new office in order to look over it for our insurance company; he thumped the walls to make sure that they were solid, asked about the 24-hour security arrangements, and made a series of recommendations for security which I won’t repeat here for obvious reasons. A state-of-the-art safe is on order so that we can lock up our precious gems, and a comprehensive security system will also be installed.

Still to do: phone lines, broadband, IT equipment, office furniture, new locks on the door… all of which costs money so we’re looking forward to getting our jewellery online so that we can begin meaningful trading soon.

Yesterday I reviewed the work being done on the website in order to build the online gallery of diamondthrills jewellery and the registration/checkout processes, and it’s all coming along well so we’re hopeful that we’re on course to get the product online around the end of August or very early in September.

So, it’s all coming together for diamondthrills after 5 months of active planning, preceded by about 18 months of wondering and dreaming before I finally took the plunge and moved into the implementation phase for diamondthrills at the end of March this year.

An office of our own will make it feel very real, and we can’t wait to put the final pieces of the jigsaw together over the next few weeks so that we can bring our stunning diamond jewellery out to dazzle at your events: weddings, parties, charity balls, anniversaries, the opera…