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  • Au Revoir London

    Tomorrow afternoon, on Sunday 30th December 2012, I will gather up my little family along with several oversized suitcases, for a plane ride (actually two plane rides) to Gaborone in Botswana.

    We’re relocating.

    I’ve lived abroad and in Africa before (back in the 1990s) but for my wife and 2-year-old daughter it’s a very new experience.

    All being well we expect (more…)

  • Diamondthrills Jewellery for Sale

    Your chance to own a piece of Diamondthrills

    As mentioned earlier, we’re off to Africa at the end of the year – a work assignment in Botswana which proved much too exciting to turn down.

    So, much as we would like to pack all our stunning diamond jewellery and take it with us to Africa, we think we should allow our pieces to find loving new homes in the UK (more…)

  • Jamie Mordaunt Hennig Botswana

    Diamondthrills Is Away… In Africa

    It’s been a while since I was able to update this Blog, but things have changed here at Diamondthrills, so here’s the scoop (more…)

  • What if diamonds were new?

    What if diamonds were new?

    Here’s a flight of fancy which interests me… What if diamonds were new? By which I mean: what would we do with diamonds if we discovered or invented them today? (more…)

  • Rough diamonds

    Taking the family out of business at De Beers

    How many generations do family businesses last? Any idea? No, nor me, but my guess is that a small minority make it to the third generation (more…)

  • How to ‘burn’ a big diamond

    Not literally, you understand, that would be silly (although it’s a little known fact that diamonds do burn…).

    No, this is about selling a diamond at auction, but perhaps (more…)

  • wifi and coffee

    Why a $3 coffee beats a $500 hotel room

    This is one of those blog posts which has little to do with diamonds or jewellery but is an observation about markets, or perhaps market failure (more…)

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